Friday, 20 May 2011

Tattoo Time!!

I decided to have a tattoo done today and it was the most painful feeling ever!! (I am a wuss)
We just nipped to the shop to have a look at the images that they had and i ended up sat at the computer looking at owl pictures and within 5 minutes i had chosen the one i wanted!!- i really like to take my time over things.

The guys in the shop were really friendly- except for the one who tattooed me, he didnt speak any english. (But he looked nice ha) It took about 20 minutes for it to be done and i was squeezing adams hand so much that i was literally dripping with sweat. It cost rather alot, 1500 baht which is about £30. I think i could of got it for less but i wanted to get it out of the way as i was so scared! I was really happy with the outcome i just didnt realise that i cant go swimming for 2 weeks- unless i wrap my foot in cling film, great stuff!

It adams turn to get one next.......

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