Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kai Bae Beach

Taking a stroll!

Day 4: Kai Bae Beach

A ten minute walk from our new house is Kai Bae Beach.  After renting a motorcycle we packed a bag and went down to the beach.  Today was slightly cooler and a storm was moving in onto the island - but this didn't stop people from swimming in the sea with lightning all around.  The beach itself isn't very big but the sand is very nice, soft and warm.  The sea - warmer still.  It really is like getting into a heated pool or a bath - No need to tip toe into the water like in other places I have been.

We made a new friend on the beach  - a Thai Dog who decided he wanted to spend the day sat with us.

Our New Friend

Looking out to see are a few small isolated islands which are un-inhabited.  It really does look like paradise.  We are going to rent a Kayak and go out to the island over the next week or two and maybe camp over and have a camp-fire.  Koh Chang is an Archipelago and is made up of some 74 islands (Thanks Francois).  I hope we get to see as many as possible. 

Small Koh Chang Islets

After a dip in the sea we laid down on the beach and looked up at the stormy skies ahead and watched lightning fork over the horizon.  As the rain started to beat down onto the palm trees and give the vegetation a much needed drink we went to a small restaurant on the beach and ate.  I went for spicy noodles with chicken and chilli with fish sauce - a tradition Thai dish, whilst Sophie, in true Thai Fashion, opted for, er, Chicken Burger and chips.  Old habits die hard!

we ate a small table kneeling on the floor with nice soft cushions and slowly ate.  The whole meal came to about 300 Thai Baht - about £5.  Not bad for two big meals and two drinks.

Small Restaurant

As the sun began to set in between two islands, we headed back to the motorcycle and went back home for a shower and a siesta!  Sophie has now gone out on her own exploring the island and taking some pictures.  There is so much to see here that your eyes are constantly drawn to something else and you hardly have the time to take it all in.  Paradise.

Kai Bae Beach

Kai Bae Sunset
Tomorrow we are going to go to the Koh Chang view point and see the island from very high up - Hopefully I should be able to get soem really nice pictures from here.  Nice end to a nice day - Tonight I am practicing my pool skills for tomorrows tournament!  More to follow!

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