Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bang Bao BBQ

Tonight we got invited to a BBQ at Pierre's house, he lives in Bang Bao in the middle of an old fishing port. There was about 10 of us eating and the food was amazing, Beef, Chicken, Freshly caught Red Snapper (which i ate, the first fish in 15 years!!) and it tasted amazing.

  Noi preparing the food  :) yum


It was a really chilled out night, people just eating little bits and then going to lie down, something i always get told off for in england (not to leave the table until everyones finished eating. ppppffff)

Here's Pierre preparing the BBQ, hes the only Cambodian Dive master, hes going to teach adam how to dive, i might just document with taking pictures hehe! They have two dogs at the house, Zombie and Foxy. Zombie is possibly the laziest dog ive met- i love it! I made friends with them and it fulfilled my urge to see sally dog at home!

 We stayed until about midnight and then drove back to our home Kai Bae which is about at 20 minute motor bike ride on ridiculously scary roads. We were almost halfway back and Adam got hit in the face by something and then it landed on his arm, it turned out it was a 6 inch stag beetle. I cant believe we didnt crash! such a shock, for the rest of the journey i hid behind adam.


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